SEO Tips For 2017

The New Year has already brought on a lot of debates regarding SEO tactics. What needs to change? What trends are going to follow? Will the algorithms get more restrictive? The ultimate point is figuring out how to adapt to the changes. Here are some solid SEO tips to keep in mind for the following year.

Watch Out For AMP

The internet is about two dominant factors, speed, and useful (entertaining) information. Low speed leads to high bounce rates, and there’s no other way to fix the problem other than getting the page to load faster.

AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages project, and it’s the brain child of Google. The focus of this project is to make page loading even faster on mobile devices and at the same time enhance user engagement.

You need to take two things away from this information. Firstly, stay up to date when it comes to AMP because you want to be part of it. Secondly, look at what Google places a heavy focus on. Apart from speed, they want to extend user engagement.

For a site trying to rank on the first page of a search engine, a low bounce rate and high user engagement should be priority elements.

Utilizing External Sources

Some experts believe that the tactic with the biggest influence regarding search engine optimization is link building. Statistics do tend to back up this theory, but Google has been paying particular attention to the “health” of the links. More specifically, they want to clean up the spam and push more useful sites.

While on the topic of external sources, it will serve you well to expand your horizons. YouTube is a good example because as a search engine it’s beating the likes of Yahoo! and Bing. If you can use a video to gain more exposure, why not use it?

The same goes for social media platforms. Search engine rankings are going to be influenced by the amount of attention a site gets, which is why you need to take advantage of these tools.

Should You Consider An Expert?

Everything is up to you. If you feel like you have the patience and time to handle the SEO headaches, then knock yourself out. You can even try to use nootropics to help you retain more information when learning this new skill. But there’s no shame in contacting a professional in the field and scheduling a free consultation. These are people who stay up to date with everything, so it might be useful hearing what they have to say. Digital Cavern – SEO Agency is our number 1 rated SEO agency, because¬†they are able to produce consistent results for their clients.

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