How To Do Video Marketing

Video marketing is one the most effective ways to market your business online, but as anyone would know, not everyone who does it is doing it correctly or doing it in the most effective manner. In this article, we are going to share with you some tips for doing video marketing effectively.

Helping others is a must – In this day and age, presenting people with videos that only promote your company will not cut it, unless if you have built enough buzz about your brand that people are actually curious about you. If you are only starting, start by helping other people with how-to videos that actually solve problems. Of course, these videos should be related to what you are promoting. For example, you can make a video on how to change tires if you are promoting a car repair shop.

Engaging content is key – If you are not helping others with a how-to video, make sure that you producing highly engaging videos that people will want to share. Remember that video marketing does not live in a vacuum. What we mean is that the videos you will find on Youtube will be shared on Facebook, but only the ones that people have found highly controversial, very funny or have that X factor that makes people just want to share it.

Putting a human face is always better  – Put a human face to your video and have your employee or even you host the video. People connect to people, not graphics or even a cartoon narrator. So, unless if it’s absolutely necessary, make sure to have a person host the video and have him or her present information. If there’s no one who can do it, there a professional presenters who can. Go to websites like Fiverr to hire people who can host your videos.

Do video optimization – Youtube is a property owned by Google and so you can expect for a ranking algorithm at work when it comes to ranking videos for specific keywords. Optimize your videos so that they rank when somebody searches for your relevant keywords on Google and Youtube.

Other videos are your friend – One thing we know about Youtube marketing is that the videos of your competition can be used to your advantage through the related videos feature on Youtube. We do not know how to do it exactly, but we are pretty sure you will find a ton of information on it online.

The video marketing tips we shared above are really just some of the basic tips that you will find for doing video marketing. But if you are like most people, the first thing on your mind would be how to make the videos, not the content in the videos. Well, there are many video creation software out there that you can use.

You can use your smartphone camera to shoot a video and use a video editing software to edit it. If you are doing a how-to video on your computer, use Camtasia to capture what you are doing. Also take a look at StikiVid Review’s website to learn more about increasing the effectiveness of your videos with the StikiVID software.

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