Does SEO Still Work and Should Businesses Invest in it?

Is SEO Going Away?

There have been alarmist stories for several years now talking about the end of SEO. Social media is going to replace it. Online personal assistants are going to replace it, and the world of mobile was going to change everything. While it’s undeniable that the online landscape has changed and Google’s algorithm, in particular, has become an entirely new level of software sophistication, it is clear that SEO is a long way from dead. The days of easily manipulating search engine results might be over, but SEO isn’t going anywhere.

Rankings Don’t Happen By Accident

The most important thing to remember is that rankings don’t happen by accident. While you can buy page one advertising for certain keywords, you can’t buy your way to the top of the search engine listings. There are always going to be certain factors that get measured and go into determining who should be at the top of the list and which websites fall short. That means there are always going to be things that websites can work on to get higher rankings and move on up.

The mentality for a Houston SEO Expert must change. Optimization now and in the future is going to be far more about asking “What does Google want?” and “What do readers want?” as opposed to a long technical checklist of things to do where sheer numbers will make all the difference. Some people might see this as the end of old school SEO, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s face it: this evolution was inevitable.

Top 10 Websites By Traffic

If you want any more reassurance of why search engine optimization is not dead, think about this: where do you go to find the answer to a question for which you don’t already know the answer? A search engine. Search engines serve an important function, and they have their own unique ways of determining where to rank each website.

The general top 10-15 list looks like this, with the latter positions sometimes swapping out:

1) Google

2) YouTube (owned by Google)

3) Facebook

4) Amazon

5) Yahoo

6) Wikipedia

7) Twitter

8) Bing

9) Redditt

10) Instagram (owned by Facebook)

11) MSN

12) Pinterest

13) Ask

14) WordPress

15) eBay

Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing are all top ten with MSN and Ask right behind. These are all search engines. There are two specific shopping sites then a lot of social media…but there are different reasons for each. You don’t go to social media looking for answers or Wikipedia looking for shopping.

As long as there are search engines, there will be SEO. The amount of traffic that the different search engines get varies widely. In other words, this means Google at #1 has seven times the traffic of whoever is at #10, and that’s just Google. It doesn’t count Google UK, Google CA, or any of the dozens of country-specific extensions of the search juggernaut.

Different But Here

SEO is fluid, but that is part of the reason it will stick around. Things may change, but overall search engine optimization is here to stay.

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