Advice From a Toronto SEO Expert

Whether you live in Toronto, Los Angeles or abroad, if you own a website that sells a product or service, without a good ranking in the search engines you’re not going to be found. There are other alternatives out there such as pay per click, Facebook ads or media buys, but if you plan on being in business long term, nothing beats a strong organic ranking.

Take for example two businesses competing in the same industry. One of them has a first-page ranking in the top 5 for a common keyword people search for related in their industry, while the other is stuck on page 2. Since more than 80% of people never go to the second page, you can imagine how much traffic the business on the second page is missing. †For example, if a search term has about 1000 searches a month, if the first business says in position one, they will get about 600 clicks a month on their site. That’s 600 potential customers that the second business will never see.

Why a Page One Ranking is Crucial

It gets worse when you factor in other keywords. The above example is only based on one keyword. Imagine if people are searching for 5 or 10 keywords or more and only one of these two businesses show up on the first page. It’s staggering how much a business is losing to competition on the first page.

This goes to show the importance of SEO. Of course, you can’t just hire anyone. According to the owner of Goliath Marketing in Toronto, many businesses will start off hiring the cheapest SEO around thinking that results will be the same no matter who you hire. This is a massive mistake due to a few reasons. Visit their Facebook page here for some tips on SEO.

No Two Businesses are the Same

Some SEO companies will give you a “package” to choose from. Some starting as low as $199 a month. Let’s take a look at this for a moment. Can you see a Fortune 500 company getting the same results as a mom n’ pop shop down the street? Every company is different and there are so many variables. That is why “packages” don’t work. SEO for some industries can be very expensive.

To prove this point, look at pay per click. A DUI lawyer will have much more expensive search terms than say for example a Dog walking company. The same relation goes hand in hand SEO.

Taking a Risk

With the lower priced SEO companies they are going to cut corners to try and make a profit. They may get you cheap and risky links which could help in the short term but might end up biting you long term. Why would you even consider risking your business?

Hire an Expert That Knows What They are Doing

It comes down to this. You are in business for the long term, not the short term. †Speak to a few consultants and get some information on how they can help. Get them to show you real numbers and most importantly, get an analysis on your competition to see how much you are losing to them. When you actually see how much you are losing to your competitors year after year, you’ll quickly understand the importance of a strong SEO campaign for your business.

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